19 Nov 2018

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Capture It!, Guide, Motivation, Photography

Top 5 Things Learned As A Beginner Photographer | Day 45 

What have I gotten myself into? Chuckling, I quietly told myself as I flipped through the pages of my new camera’s menu options. It has been a little over a month into my beginner photographer journey and I find it as one of the most fascinating and intimidating hobbies…

Lifestyle, Motivation, Style It!

Simplifying Life With A Capsule Wardrobe : 3 Months & 33 Pieces 

Wouldn’t it be nice to wake up in the morning and not have to worry about what clothes to wear?  The moment our alarm clock not so gently reminds us to start our day, the decision making process begins. From choosing what outfit to wear,…


A Beginner’s Photography Journey : Unboxing The Sony A7iii | Day 00 

Ohhh! Arriving today, April 11th at 3pm said the tracking information. Like a little child waiting for the ice cream truck to come by,  I kept looking out the balcony to see if the sound of the roaring vehicle downstairs came from a FedEx truck. A couple…