Spring is here in this part of the world. As the cold weather starts to dissipate, if you let it, the change of season could inspire you with new outlooks, different perspectives, and fresh ideas, and this is where I currently am. So, speaking of fresh ideas, I have meant to put some seasonal decor on a blank wall I have in my home. Something minimal, light and airy. Also, bringing an organic look to the space would be ideal, but equally important, it needed to be easy to put together. A DIY minimalist felt spring wreath came to mind.

Make sure to check out the tutorial video on this project in this post.

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Will this project require a Cricut cutting tool?

No. While a Cricut cutting tool would be ideal for saving you time (a huge time saver! It takes less than three minutes) and energy, you may use your good ole sharp scissors for this project.

The Cricut Maker Machine

Will I have access to the templates for FREE?

Yes. My goal for this site is to provide a resource for fellow makers. Not only does sharing my tutorials and templates with others puts a smile on my face, but it also helps me with being accountable, and not to mention, a great way to sharpen my skills. With that said, you can download the template for this minimalist spring wreath for free from my design library – a link you will find towards the end of this post.

So what do I need to make this?

You will need the following:

Tools for DIY Minimalist Spring Wreath
Tools For DIY Minimalist Spring Wreath

For your green leaves:

  • round metal ring (or you may use wood)
  • dried eucalyptus or any faux green leaves
  • thin floral wire (preferred)

For your Spring Wreath Flowers

  • felt
  • scissors
  • glue gun (low heat preferred)
  • floral wire
  • wire cutters

How do I make this minimalist spring wreath?

Quick and relatively easy to make, think less than an hour if you use your Cricut machine for one wreath. Here are the steps to craft this modern, gorgeous felt wreath:

STEP ONE: Download template & cut

Access the template in my design library through sign-up in the bottom of this post. After downloading the template, using your scissors or Cricut machine, cut the floral parts.

In addition, to help you envision the number of flowers and size you will need, start with adding the leaves unto your wreath. Using thin floral wires or a green thread, attach the green leaves using the stem to the round, metal (or your preferred wreath)

STEP TWO: Assemble the flowers

Cut and assemble the flower parts using a low heat glue gun.

I made it even easier for you to follow by providing you with a tutorial video. See below.

STEP THREE: Attach the flowers to the wreath

Attach the flowers to your wreath, and done!

You may access the FREE templates I designed in both SVG (for Circut) and pdf (for print) through signing up if you have not done so; subsequently, you will receive a welcome email containing the password to my design library.

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Lastly, if you’re in need of some motivation in getting fresh ideas going these days, check out my previous blog post on how to fuel your creativity here.

An image of a modern, clean desk to encourage creativity
A white, modern, clean desk for creative thinking.
Tutorial video on DIY Modern Spring Wreath.



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