How To Make It?

Like many folks I know, Christmas is a favorite holiday of the year.  Where I grew up, it is one of the most important occasions. It starts as soon as the “ber” month’s begin and that, would be September! Yup, that’s right! Imagine seeing Christmas decors and hearing holiday songs while you shop… for months. Some might say, that would be overkill but if you grew up with it, it becomes the norm. The excitement just builds up especially counting the days during the advent calendar. 

When I was 10, I recall Christmas caroling in November with my friends.  This was to raise money for a Christmas party I put together for the kids in the neighborhood. I laugh thinking about it now, how gracious those people were to listen to us sing for weeks! Oh come, all ye bleeding ears faithful! What joy!

To continue that spirit this holiday season, and with my very first Cricut machine I just got a week and half ago, I decided to make this as my first project along with my first video tutorial and design library. Bold! I know, but lucky for you, I have done the hair pulling part. So, here I am sharing my work to the world, and I am feeling equally brave and vulnerable.

This was a lot of fun making this project. By no means is this automatic.  With today’s everyday living, where everything is at a touch of your finger,  this  can be so manual that it becomes almost ceremonial when we do the countdown.  As a result,  I believe it’s the real beauty of it.  A great way to reflect on our to do list before the big day! How about that?  So let’s get started…

T H E  M A T E R I A L S

Main tools and materials. Not pictured are the LED string lights, paper tape, Cricut cutting and writing tools
  • Shadow box 2 Card stocks ( I used 2 colors)
  • Printing Paper
  • Paper Glue
  • LED String lights (I used battery operated)
  • Paper Tape 

T H E  T O O L S

  • Circuit Maker (Or Any cutting machine)
  • Circuit Cutting Mat  
  • Cricut Pen
  • Fine Blade
  • Scoring wheel (optional)
  • Scissors

T H E  M E T H O D

O N E : Download SVG. This was my first SVG ever!!! To access and download my free templates in my library located, click here.  This is available  to all my subscribers. To do so, head to my sign-up section (HOME), and the password will be sent to you in the welcome letter.

T W O :  Prep for Cutting. Log in to your Cricut Design Space, adjust the image to desired size. 

I made this in 2 sections, the front and back designs using 2 different types of cutting mats.  

While the front design is pretty straightforward, the back layout will have two layers and require a couple more steps.  One is to write the numbers for the days as a guide, and the other, to cut the folds or “windows” to reveal selected words.  You may add some scoring lines on the gaps on top of each box if you wish to help with an easier fold.

See video above for the steps in design space for back layout.

T H R E E : C U T.  As many of you may already know, it is quite important that you apply the right tool, settings and cutting mat(s).  It will save you a lot of headache and materials.  Not doing so could result to the machine failing to cut clean letters. So here below are the settings I used.


  • Paper Type: heavy weight card stock in red (from Joann’s Fabric)
  • Cut Setting: card stock intricate ( set at 250)
  • Pressure : default
  • Cutting Tool: fine blade
  • Mat: strong grip mat (a must for this paper type)
  • Time: about 19 minutes

Because I opted to do copy and paste on the letters during the design phase, the letters will not be cut in a particular order.  You see, that was a newbie mistake. So please, do not be alarmed if it looks like it’s missing some letters at first.

Now, go grab your favorite tea (or drink) and let your Maker do its magic!

BACK DESIGN: Cut and Write

  • Paper Type Cricut medium weight card stock in grey
  • Cricut Pen
  • Cut Setting: medium weight card stock
  • Pressure: default
  • Cutting tool: fine blade
  • Mat: light grip
  • Time:  about 5 minutes

F O U R :  ASSEMBLY.  My favorite part! Check the video above on how to stack the materials.  This is where your printer paper gets used.  It effectively works to let the light shine through the material of selected words.

All done!  After doing this project, I am already thinking of the tweaks for next year but for now, let’s have a wonderful and merry Christmas!  

Happy crafting! Cheers!